• Image of Black Dog Traditions of England: Redux Edition
  • Image of Black Dog Traditions of England: Redux Edition
  • Image of Black Dog Traditions of England: Redux Edition

A special, limited-edition version of the expansive box-set. Containing:

- 12" LP in a hand-stamped and numbered manilla sleeve
- DVD containing 10-minute film
- Full-colour, 80-page book
- Two posters of Dob Park Lodge and Troller’s Gill
- All items housed in a screen-printed tote bag

Black Dog Traditions of England tells the tales of eight spectre-hounds in an expansive, multi-disciplinary set. It is the product of extensive fieldwork conducted by Ian and David throughout 2015, as well as Ian’s own researches into black dog folklore dating back to 2007.

The LP features acousmatic sound compositions, site-specific field-recordings and original audio of local storytellers spinning out their black dog yarns. The hand-treated and rust-degraded film contained on the DVD incorporates materials gathered in the field, such as ashes from the fireplace at Dob Park Lodge and scorched waterweed from Troller’s Gill. The project book is notable in its own right—a detailed, original study tracing the history of each black dog story from its earliest textual source to the present day. The book also includes a map and full-colour photographs from the project’s many expeditions.

This collection is a reliquary of objects, stories and sounds centuries, if not millennia, in the making. These are resonances of the never-was: artworks informed by those long-forgotten who, out lurking in the half-light of a country lane, saw shapes somehow darker than the surrounding night that preyed upon their idle minds.

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