• Image of Folklore Tapes Calendar Customs Vol.IV - Crown of Light

Folklore Tapes Calendar Customs Vol.IV: Crown of Light (Midsummer Traditions and Folklore)
Artists: Various
Format: Embossed cassette box including printed sun cassette. screen printed sleeve, research cards, essay by Jez Winship, divination flower, download code.

Edition: 250

Whatever names they take today, many of our most venerable calendar dates have their origins in pre-Christian observances, often marking key points in the agricultural year when planting began or harvesting was completed. Songs, games, stories and rites often formed an essential part of these occasions, and their echoes reach us today though the din of the ages, with hidden meanings and garbled messages. Our Calendar Customs series explores this world of symbolism and ritual sonically, via research and artistic reinterpretation. 'Crown of Light' is the fourth instalment in the series and focuses on traditions associated with midsummer.

Mary & David
David A Jaycock
Ian Humberstone
The Yellow Funz
Modern Studies
Carl & Brian
Jennifer Reid
Children of Alice
Dean McPhee
Sam McLoughlin
Arianne Churchman

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