• Image of Swifter Than the Moon's Sphere - English Fairy Lore

New compilation coming 2022!

DBH - Genuine Leaf Fairy Sighted in English Woodland
The Funz - Emain Ablach to Avalon
Mary Stark - King of the Faeries
Ian Humberstone - Swinging Lamps in Starlit Globes
Dean McPhee - Pudding Pie Hill
Tragic Magic - Rowan Ash and Red Thread
Stu Bannister - Holy Wells
Bridget Hayden - The Stone Woman
Mary & David - Lob of Spirits
Emily Oldfield - Diptera
Brian Campbell, Peter Smyth and Carl Turney - Requiem for the Lost
Magpahi - Transposed to Stone
David Chatton Barker - Starlight Quickbeam (Rowan)
Jennifer Reid - Boghart Hall Clough
David Jaycock - Sam Spriggan
Sam McLoughlin - Green and Brown
Sarah Lundy - Piseog [egg of ill omen]
Arianne Churchman - The Night-Mare
Steve Patterson and Mark Patterson - Faery Abstraction

Folklore Tapes ยท Swifter than the Moon's Sphere - Sampler

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